Band Blows Up Parrot!

THIS JUST IN! Trae Pierce and the T-Stone Band blew the roof off the Green Parrot!

'I expected to find a crater when I came back today!' laughed John Vagnoni, co-owner/overseer of the GP, and the man with the incredible ear who selects the bands. Not a day passes he doesn't receive CDs from hopefuls requesting to play.

John must be breaking a lot of hearts. Daily mountains of submissions arrive and he has to mine for the diamonds.

I asked him if he's ever made anyone cry when turning them down, and he said, 'I hope not!'

John mixes things up and these days on Sundays, from noon to 4pm Captain Blues, a local treasure, takes the stage and anyone with an instrument and any courage can join an impromptu jazzy/bluesy band. Captain Blues leads meanwhile belting out tunes.

See Captain Blues here doing Otis Redding:

Because Trae Pierce, who has won 4 Grammys, is a generous man, for the last set of the weekend, Sunday Sound Check, as they call it from 5pm to 7pm, he gave the microphone to Captain Blues and when the Captain was done Trae graciously said, 'You weren't supposed to outdo me!'

Fact is Trae Pierce and The T-Stone Band are loaded with supersonic talent and since they visited last time all of town has been clamoring for their return.

Please look them up on their website and/or iTunes.

Keyboard player David D1 Grant assures me the release date for their new single is merely months away and a whole album can be expected in 2017. Yay!

Along with my first love, TPTS is now permanently on the biannual trek to remote Key West. We're grateful for the quality willing to travel to our faraway isle. Just another reason why Key West is the best.