Band-Aid Announces New Bandages That 'Embrace The Beauty Of Diverse Skin'

The company's new selection of skin tones has prompted many to ask, "Why did this take so long?"

Band-Aid announced on Wednesday that it would produce a line of new bandages celebrating a wider range of skin tones, prompting a mixed response from audiences.

“We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, collaborators and community in the fight against racism, violence and injustice,” said Band-Aid’s Instagram message announcing the initiative. “We are committed to taking actions to create tangible change for the Black community. We are committed to launching a range of bandages in light, medium and deep shades of Brown and Black skin tones that embrace the beauty of diverse skin. We are dedicated to inclusivity and providing the best healing solutions, better representing you.”

Band-Aid’s message received thousands of likes and comments in the days to follow, with some applauding the decision and others wondering why the company, founded in 1920, had taken so long to produce a greater variety of bandages.

Some commenters argued that Black-owned companies such as Browndages had been catering to people of color for years and urged consumers to support those smaller businesses rather than Band-Aid.

Band-Aid, owned by Johnson & Johnson, has produced a wide variety of bandage designs over the years and most recently featured Minions and Supreme-branded products on its Instagram account. The company’s most well-known bandage, however, remains a light pink color.

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