Dancers Waltz Across The Side Of A Building, Catch It All On GoPro

Two dance performers recently took a waltz on the wild side.

Strapped in harnesses and tethered to the facade of Oakland City Hall in California, Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber of the vertical dance group Bandaloop leaped boundlessly off the side of the building during an August show for Oakland's Art + Soul festival. Set to the tune of William Ryan Fritch's "Hopeless Romantic," a newly-published GoPro video of the dance captures Rudolph and Seeber gracefully flipping and twirling through the air.

"They say what we do is death-defying. I’d say it’s life-affirming," says Rudolph, Bandaloop's founder and artistic director, on the troupe's website.

Watch Rudolph and Seeber defy gravity above, and check out more mesmerizing performances at