'Brazen Bandit' Robs Bank, Takes Complimentary Lollipop

What a sucker!

The 8-year-old in you will totally understand.

Police in Florida "#Busted" a "brazen bandit" who took a complimentary lollipop for the getaway when he robbed a bank, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said in a statement on Facebook.

Authorities shared photo evidence of the alleged bank robbery/candy robbery. Jonathan Boston, 30, is seen in a surveillance still reaching for the bouquet of sweets on the bank teller's desk.

It remains unclear if he went for cherry, lemon, orange, or some other flavor.

Authorities say Boston robbed two banks before he was caught. On Saturday, he hit the TD Bank -- and the TD Bank lollipops -- in the 4600 block of Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach. On Monday, he struck another TD bank on the 1000 block of South Military Trail, also in West Palm Beach, The Sun Sentinel reports.

In both cases, the suspect "entered the bank" and "passed a note demanding cash," police said.

Boston is charged with robbery. He is being held at the Palm Beach County jail.

Police said the money was recovered. No word on the lollipop.

Jonathon Boston