Bane Voice: What Does The 'Dark Knight Rises' Villain Sound Like?

Bane may be Gotham's reckoning, but that doesn't mean he's above reproach.

As noted by Indiewire's Matt Singer, critics and fans have come up with increasingly hilarious ways to describe Bane's speaking voice in "The Dark Knight Rises." Tom Hardy plays the muscle-bound villain in the film, speaking through a mask that restricts his speech -- it's evident that a lot of work was done to Hardy's voice in post-production, as previously rumored -- while also affecting an accent that's quite peculiar. The results are ripe for comic potential.

"Bane sounds like Darth Vader mixed with T-Pain," wrote one Twitter user. Others on the social networking platform compared Hardy's vocal inflections to late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott, Count Chocula and "a drunk, elderly Patrick Stewart locked in a cupboard."

Twitterers weren't the only people to get in the act. As Singer notes, many critics took Hardy's Bane voice as a cue to mock Christopher Nolan's super serious Batman finale.

All of which raises the question: Who does Bane sound like? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Head over to Indiewire for the full compliment of Bane-related insults and humor.

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