Heartbreaking Bangladesh Factory Photo Shows Couple In Final Embrace (PHOTO)


A photo taken among the devastation of a collapsed Bangladesh garment factory has brought the deaths of at least 800 victims into sharp focus.

The photo, which gained initial attention on reddit, a social news website, shows two deceased victims embracing inside the collapsed factory in Savar, Bangladesh.


Taslima Akhter, the Bangladeshi photographer that took the photo, told TIME that she spent the entire day of the collapse taking pictures, and that she felt like she knew the couple from the moment she found them amid the rubble.

"I looked at who they were in their last moments as they stood together and tried to save each other — to save their beloved lives," Akhter told TIME.

Akhter is no stranger to taking photos amid devastation. In November, when a Bangladesh factory fire killed more than 100 workers, Akhter was on the scene.

I took photos because they work dawn to dusk for very little money and their lives are considered to be so cheap, worth nothing," she told The New York Times last year.

Here is Akhter's photo of the couple:
bangladesh final embrace

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