Banh Mi: A Love Story

Have you ever wondered what the Official Sandwich of the Huffington Post was? No? Well, neither have we. But if there was an Official Sandwich of the Huffington Post, we'd definitely nominate banh mi...a "Vietnamese hoagie" of fried pork bits, pickled vegetables and mayonnaise slathered on crusty baguette. You can join in the fun by making your own at home or keep reading for the best sandwiches in your city.

At home, an authentic tasting banh mi is surprisingly accessible, as easy as a trip to the closest supermarket. Start with a baguette, slice it in half lengthwise, hollow out some of the bread, and brush both halves with mayonnaise. For the meat, almost anything will work - leftover brisket or roast turkey, grilled pork or chicken, marinated tofu.

Luckily for those with or without head cheese on hand, the essence of the sandwich is not the meat, but in the garnishes: whole cilantro sprigs and pickles. All you really have to do is slice carrots and daikon radishes and soak them in vinegar and sugar.

Keep reading to find the best banh mi in Boston.
[Editor's note: we can not vouch for any of these banh mi establishments because we have not visited them. Yet.]

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