Everything You Need To Know About Overdraft Fees [GRAPHIC]

Don't like keeping all of your money stuffed underneath the mattress? That could cost you a pretty penny.

Banks collected $29.5 billion in overdraft fees last year, or $124.08 per American adult, according to a new infographic by Mint.com. And those are far from the only fees imposed on customers. As of October 2010, half of bank accounts had been issued a staggering 49 different types of fees, some costing as much as $175, according to an April report. Don't expect the fad to fade away -- on the whole, fees are expected to increase on the whole this year.

At times, banks have pushed their lucked. Bank of America late last year proposed a monthly five-dollar fee for customers to use debit fees, causing a national uproar and hundreds of thousands of banking customers to pull their money out of big banks and put it in credit unions. BofA cancelled the fee just over a month later.

Here's all the other information you'll need to understand the state of American banking fees: