Bank Of America Debit Card Fees: Twitter Reacts

LOOK: Twitter Responds To Bank Of America's Debit Card Fees

Bank of America announced Thursday that the bank will start charging $5 per month for customers who use their debit cards to make purchases beginning in 2012.

Shortly after the announcement Twitter exploded with reactions to the news. Many of the updates were negative and some even threatened via tweet to switch banks. The announcement generated so much buzz that "Debit card fees" was a trending topic on Google on Friday.

To add fuel to the fire, Bank of America's website was temporarily down on Friday. Some customers in New York and California reported login problems and others saw a message that read the site was "operating slower than usual," according to the Associated Press.

Tara Burke, a spokeswoman for the bank, did not specify why the site was experiencing problems, only to say that it wasn't due to hacking, the AP reported.

According to the AP, Bank of America is the largest bank in the nation by deposits.

LOOK: Twitter reacts to Bank of America's Debit Card Fee Announcement:

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