Bank Of America Occupation: Send This Fax! (VIDEO)

Dozens of protesters moved their tents indoors on Wednesday afternoon when a protest led by ReFund California swarmed the Bank of America building in Downtown LA. Their demand? For the bank clerks to send a fax to Monica Lozano, a board member at Bank of America, reports CBS2.

CBS2 has footage of the bank occupation in their video report.WATCH:

While protesters were busy occupying the bank's fax machine, hundreds more had gathered to surround the building with signs like "Jobs Not Cuts," "United for Change," and "We Are The 99 Percent," reports the Associated Press.

After the fax was sent, the protesters left the lobby without incident, reports the Los Angeles Times, and there were reportedly no clashes with police.

Across town in Westwood, eleven people were arrested on Wednesday for shutting down the intersection of Wilshire and Westwood Boulevards, reports Century City Patch.

Both protests were organized by the group ReFund California for a week of activism to protest tuition hikes at public universities. The demonstrations drew numbers from supporting organizations like labor unions, advocacy groups and the Occupy LA movement.

On Friday, a coalition of groups that include Occupy LA, Occupy Long Beach, Make Banks Pay, SEIU and End Corporate Personhood are taking to the streets again to carry on yesterday's protest. In honor of the date (11/11/2011), the march will gather at 11:11am and marching to the center of LA's financial district.