Bank Of America Foreclosure: Man Nearly Loses Home Due To Typo

BofA Nearly Forecloses On Man's House Because Of Typo

Tom Mudie pushed one wrong button and it almost cost him his house.

The Tampa Tribune reports that Mudie was put into a mortgage modification program which lowered his monthly payments by $200. In order to stay in the program, Mudie had to make his payments on time.

But when Mudie tried to make a payment over the phone, his payment was 80 cents short after he accidentally hit a "0" instead of an "8."

That little mistake prompted BofA to send Mudie a letter saying that the foreclosure process was back in motion.

"I want to keep my home," Mudie told the paper. "And to lose it over 80 cents is crazy."

BofA eventually agreed, and a bank spokesperson said Mudie is now once again eligible for the modification program and the lower payments that come with it.

But this isn't the first time BofA has let a technical error push a homeowner to the brink of foreclosure. Last June, WWLP reported on a man nearly having his home taken away because he had an overdue balance of $0. The bank later corrected the mistake.

Technical glitches have also lead BofA to charge a man interest on a $0 credit card balance and give $30,000 worth of Social Security payments to the wrong person.

And just yesterday, BofA made headlines when it refused to let a bride deposit wedding checks because she didn't take her husband's name.

But the bank has managed to squeeze some good press out of the ongoing mortgage crisis. When BofA found out that a woman had not been paying her mortgage because of mounting medical bills, it decided to delay eviction proceedings until after her death.

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