Bank Of America Website Down On Tuesday: Reports

Bank of America Website Down?

Bank of America's website has been slow or completely down for some users since Monday afternoon, according to the Wall Street Journal and several other media outlets. There is no indication, though, that the slowdown is the result of a cyber-attack. Spokeswoman Tara Burke told the Wall Street Journal that "routine" upgrades are instead to blame.

According to the Washington Post, Bank of America customers reported technical issues ranging from slowdown to complete shutdown on Tuesday.

The bank's site had a similar issue in January, according to multiple reports.

Bank of America has been marred in a number of online controversies lately. In October 2009, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed he had "5 GB from Bank of America, one of the executive's hard drives," leading the company to refuse to process any WikiLeaks payments. Assange has since suggested the revelations may not be all that exciting.

In response to the shutting out WikiLeaks payments, the cyber-group Anonymous has pledged to launch "Operation BOA Constrictor."

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