Alleged Bank Robber Trevor Gladston Arrested When He Returns To Get Cab Fare (VIDEO)

WATCH: Alleged Bank Robber Arrested After He Returns For Cab Fare

When planning a bank robbery, make sure to bring along cab fare before you go off to commit the heist.

Sure, it seems obvious, but it's a tip that alleged robber Trevor Gladston probably wishes he had learned before he attempted to rob a Wells Fargo bank in Chamblee, Ga.

Police says Gladston, 39, left the bank empty-handed after handing a teller a note asking for money, according to Newser.

"[Gladston] came in and handed a note that said something to the effect of 'Give me the money or we start shooting,'" Chamblee Police Chief Marc Johnson told Atlanta's Fox affiliate. "Obviously, feeling safe behind the bulletproof glass, the teller just stepped back and the individual left without any money."

That turned out to be a problem when Gladston got into a cab to make his getaway back to the Chamblee bus station.

The taxi driver told officials she had transported round trip from the station to the bank and back, and upon their return, the man identified as Gladston told the driver he needed to go to the station parking lot to get money out of his car to pay for the trip, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The cabbie, who is female, feared her passenger was going to leave without paying so she blocked his car with the taxi and got the attention of an officer at the station.

Johnson says the officer didn't know about the attempted bank robbery and managed to talk Gladston into going back to the bank to withdraw enough money to pay for the cab fare.

"[The officer] just convinced the guy that you need to get some money and pay your bill or else you'll end up in trouble," Johnson told Fox.

However, once Gladston return to withdraw cash legally, bank employees positively identified him as the attempted bank robber from a few minutes earlier.

He was then arrested, charged with attempted armed robbery and taken to the Chamblee Detention Center before being transferred to the DeKalb County Jail, police said.

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