Bank Teller Laughs At Robber Threatening Her With A Meat Cleaver (VIDEO)

Old and busted: Rock, paper, scissors. New hotness: Teller, glass, meat cleaver. Glass always beats meat cleaver, and teller always wins.

A video making the rounds out of Zhoujiazui, China shows a bank teller laughing at a would-be robber, who appears to slam a meat cleaver against the dividing glass as he talks on a cell phone, the New York Daily News reports.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect waltz into a China Construction Bank branch on Sunday and approach the teller, who is serving another customer. He keeps his ear glued to a phone as he holds a meat cleaver to the glass. The other customer leaves, and that teller smiles as she turns to speak to another person off camera.

Guards approach the man and easily wrench the cleaver from his hand before arresting him. He wasn't identified. No injuries were reported.

The video, originally published in the Chinese-language Xinhuanet news site, was later posted on LiveLeak and went viral.