Bankrupt Sharper Image No Longer Accepts Gift Cards

Despite issuing a press release claiming that they will "continue to conduct business as usual," The Shaper Image has suspended redemption of all gift certificates after filing for bankruptcy late on Tuesday.

After receiving several complaints that gift certificates were not being honored by the store the Consumerist was able to confirm via email with the Sharper Image's corporate sales staff that the retailer is no longer selling or accepting the cards.

Reader Javier is stuck with a $279 store credit from a defective Roomba:

I called customer service and they sent me a Merchandise Certificate for $279 dollars. They couldn't send me a new Roomba because they don't consider it the same product since its a new version. During the holidays, no store in the Chicago area had the Roomba in stock, so I was left out in the cold again for 2 more months. Now, I finally go to the store and hand them my certificate and I'm told that due to Chapter 11, SI is not accepting Merchandise Certificates or Gift Cards from anyone.

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