Banksters (A Poem)

Only GOD can create something from nothing

Or so it was said

But now we find out so can the banks

And the FED

Banks create money that they call a loan

Based on a mere fraction of what they own

Chase has 10 billion deposits cash in hand

Then extends 9 billion--plus a fat interest plan

Nine billion deposited at WaMu

Now they loan out 8 billion too

Bankster magicians pulling cash from a hat

Voila! 10 billion now 90 just like that

Loans sold as assets conjured from thin air

Collateral backing them -- simply not there

Then boom boom boom bust

Masters of the Universe collapse into dust

Credit frozen on the brink of economic tsunami

Our government responded, printing origami

Backed by bond(age) guaranteed

Tax upon us and our future seed

The crisis averted, blue skies ahead!

Bank profits soar, a gift from the Fed

Americans lose homes, go belly-up

While Too-Big-To-Fails gobble us up

Regulatory reform, faux government outrage

Enacted by the very cast who set the stage

Loosened regulations, crippled oversight

Do we really believe they'll do what's right?

Where are the emails from Fed and Treasury

To Goldman, Lehman and AIG?

Until we know who knew what and when

How can we trust a single one of them?

Politicians and Banksters, the same to the core

Feeding the rich and making us poor

Reform's an illusion, a cheap magic trick

A pig is still a pig, despite the lipstick