Banksters Revealed Again!

Bankster Politicians, when faced with giving support to many of the same people tossed from employment by their cronyism, have all of a sudden found ideology.
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Doc Holliday said, "My hypocrisy knows no bounds" in the movie Tombstone. The same apparently is true for our current crop of Bankster Politicians, many of whom today voted against extending unemployment benefits even after they voted in 2008 for a bank bailout.

Yes, these Corporate Communists not only voted for billion dollar bailouts for companies that were about to fail due to their own terrible decisions, but then subsequently have done nothing to prevent the ongoing and future theft. By destroying this very tenet of capitalism -- that the losers actually lose so that new ideas, people, companies can become winners -- they have now crippled our economy and kept millions out of work.

Now when faced with giving a pittance of support to many of the same people tossed from employment by their cronyism, they have all of a sudden found ideology. Of course, considering that many of these Bankster Politicians are going to lose their jobs for this, they will try to make excuses like the following:

Unemployment needs to be paid for out of current spending! And for some reason the bank bailouts did not? But even letting bygones be bygones, I have a suggestion -- let's use clawbacks to pay for unemployment, considering this financial crisis (a) was caused by these people and (b) is why there are no jobs.

But unemployment pays people not to work! Well, bailing out these banks is even worse -- it's the government literally paying people ungodly sums to destroy our country. Like I've said before, there's a reason why banking is an unpaid job in Monopoly -- it is basically a utility rendered unprofitable by modern technology. These bailed-out banks are dangerous casinos gambling with the well-being of America, and America is losing.

Mind you, I don't even agree with the current unemployment program in this country. I believe people should have to volunteer for a non-profit for 10-20 hours a week to qualify for unemployment. However, our vote-loving politicians like to keep their jobs by giving future generation's money away for nothing in return.

TARP was to keep people working!Really? Well then it's done a terrible job of keeping people working, because unemployment is actually getting worse. The only place it's actually saved "us" is in the imaginary crony-ist utopia of those who benefited. Their jobs plan is a lucky few of you cleaning the pools built with their $145 billion in 2010 bonuses.

TARP was just a loan and has been paid back, with interest!I suggest you all familiarize yourselves with THE BIG TARP LIE... and make sure the politicians and media that continue to spout it become familiar as well.

But I was lied to about TARP!Then do your job. Those people who lied to you were often under oath. They should be investigated and put in jail if found guilty.

So without further ado, I present to you the list of today's Banksters -- those who voted "Yes" for Bankster billions and "No" for their victims. Please check to see if your Senator is on the list:


Lamar Alexander [B-TN] Robert Bennett [B-UT] Christopher Bond [B-MO] Richard Burr [B-NC] Saxby Chambliss [B-GA] Thomas Coburn [B-OK]Bob Corker [B-TN] John Cornyn [B-TX]John Ensign [B-NV] Lindsey Graham [B-SC] Charles Grassley [B-IA] Judd Gregg [B-NH]Orrin Hatch [B-UT] Kay Hutchison [B-TX] John Isakson [B-GA] Jon Kyl [B-AZ] Richard Lugar [B-IN] John McCain [B-AZ] Mitch McConnell [B-KY] Lisa Murkowski [B-AK]Ben Nelson [B-NE]John Thune [B-SD] George Voinovich [B-OH]

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