Banksy Is Taking The Day Off, But Has NOT Been Arrested

It looks like Banksy is taking the day off from his New York Takeover, canceling his latest street art endeavor due to "police activity."

The anonymous graffitist notified the world wide web in a short message posted to his Instagram account, giving hungry journalists and overly-eager fans the opportunity to speculate wildly on whether or not the artist had been arrested.

But before you go hounding the NYPD for clues as to the whereabouts of a poor, detained Banksy, you should take a deep breath and calm down. While an Instagram tipster may have alleged that the street artist was arrested at the 79th precinct in Brooklyn this morning, according to a representative at Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information, the story is false.

When asked whether or not an arrest had been made, the representative stated (after a lengthy hold) to The Huffington Post: "No, there's no arrest at the 79th precinct of this guy."

So there you have it. Feel free to wonder whether Banksy nearly evaded a run-in with police or he was just tired of 22 days of consecutive tagging. In other news, this website recently popped up, declaring #BANSKYLAX 2013. Is it real? Will Banksydom continue on the west coast? Or is a random Los Angeles resident with the ability to create a website just reaching for the stars?

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Banksy In NYC