These Guys Are Asking For $5 From Anyone Who Wants To See Banksy's New Work

Banksy's epic New York City street art takeover "Better Out Than In" is turning into something of a bizarre social experiment.

Many of Banksy's recent impromptu stencils in and around Manhattan and Brooklyn were vandalized before you could say "Banksy hater." But now an even stranger development has emerged. Two seemingly random dudes entrepreneurs have begun charging a $5 fee to look at Banksy's newest piece, a beaver perched atop a pile of rubble.

The men appear to have covered up the little beaver with a cardboard box, removing it for selfie-happy Instagrammers for the bargain price of $5. Whether or not this is a Met-esque suggested donation or a strict unveiling fee remains unclear.

What do you think, readers? Are these fellows messing with the All-American ideals of life, liberty and free street art for all? Or should New Yorkers receive monetary compensation for the inevitable influx of hashtagging art enthusiasts bound to swarm their neighborhood?

Banksy's open air exhibition, slated to run all of October, has only been underway for 10 days so far. There's no telling what other eyebrow-raising antics are in store for us in the exhibition's remaining weeks. We have to admit, we're a little afraid.