Banksy Hater, OMAR NYC, Defaces Art In Red Hook

Banksy Work is Destroyed As Quickly As It Is Made

Banksy is currently in New York as part of a month long project "Better Out Than In." The British graffiti artist has been keeping busy, recording his work on his website (complete with snarky audio commentary) and on the Instagram account he set up for the project.

Good thing documentation exists of the work, because at the rate at which Banksy's art is being vandalized and taken down, it's the only way that people are going to get to see it.

On Monday, Banksy put up mural #7, a red mylar balloon covered with bandaids, on a wall in Red Hook. Within a few hours of the piece going up, OMAR NYC aka SWATCH showed up with a friend and quickly tagged the piece.

ANIMAL New York reports that he pulled out a can of spray paint, tagged his name next to the balloon and then scribbled on the balloon for good measure.

Photographer Alma Aguilera witnessed the tagging and said about eight people were present when OMAR NYC and his friend showed up and started interviewing people.

"The whole time he and his buddy were recording," said Aguilera. "His friend was interviewing people. His friend was posing as a newscaster."

When OMAR NYC pulled out his spray can people booed him.

This is not the first time OMAR NYC has tagged Banksy work. He did the same thing the last time Banksy was working in New York in May 2010.

Last week, Banksy's "Graffiti Is a Crime" mural in Chinatown was vandalized overnight.

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