Banksy Masterpieces Recreated In LEGO In Photographer Jeff Friesen's 'Bricksy' Series

What happens when you put LEGO bricks and some of street artist Banksy's most iconic works together? As photographer Jeff Friesen has proved, the answer is a whole lot of awesome.

In his whimsically-titled series "Bricksy," the award-winning Canadian photographer has recreated some of Banksy's most famous works of graffiti using little more than LEGO pieces.

"Friesen cleverly reimagines Banksy's world-renowned images, giving them a considerable clean up," Mashable wrote of the clever series. "When placing the originals in a more light-hearted context, the subversive artworks are subverted themselves in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. For Friesen, it's all about getting a good laugh."

An Instagram account that may or may not belong to the elusive British street artist posted some of Friesen's "Bricksy" masterpieces this week -- all of them juxtaposed with the Banksy artworks that they attempt to replicate:

Over the past week, Friesen has also uploaded several of his "Bricksy" photos on his own Instagram page. Scroll down and see if you can figure out which Banksy pieces these LEGO dioramas are modeled on:

Friesen, who is the creator of the "50 States of LEGO" photo series, will be releasing a book entitled "United States of LEGO" in September.



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