Banksy Returns To New York City With One Of His Trademark Rats

His latest piece appears to be a poignant critique on the rat race.

Banksy is thrilling New York City residents once again with one of his trademark rat stencils.

The anonymous British street artist held a citywide, monthlong open-air exhibition in October 2013 called “Better Out Than In.”

This time, he added a rodent to the clock face of a former bank building that is slated for demolition in Greenwich Village on Wednesday. Some fans likened the image to a hamster in a wheel and suggested it was a critique on the “rat race.”

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Banksy’s official Instagram account shared images of the street art, which can be found on the corner of 14th St. and Sixth Avenue, soon after ― in an apparent confirmation that he was behind the work.

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Needless to say, it sent fans of the street artist on Twitter into a mini meltdown:

A limited edition canvas of the Bristol-born artist’s “Girl and Balloon” fetched 345,000 pounds (around $481,000) at auction last week.

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