Is Banksy on the Run From the New York Cops?

Graffiti artist Banksy is two thirds of the way through a "residency" on the streets of New York City but it seems that the project has run into a spot of bother in the last 24 hours. Throughout October "Better Out Than In," the artist's month-long public art project has unveiled a new Banksy artwork on a daily basis somewhere in NY, NY; that is until Wednesday. On the website that accompanies the project there is a simple note that says "today's art has been cancelled due to police activity."

New York's Mayor Bloomberg last week described Banksy as a vandal. He also said that any of the artist's works that appeared on public property would be removed. Video evidence appeared online of a what appeared to be a city worker using power tools to remove one of the works. The New York Post also reported that the NYPD was looking out for Banksy -- despite the fact that his identity remains unconfirmed. If Banksy does get his collar felt by the cops in New York it doesn't just threaten the residency it has implications for his career as his identity will be in the public domain.

The whole month has been plagued by challenges from works being stolen, defaced by rival graffiti artists or removed by the authorities. One of the most-reported "installations" was a stall selling Banksy originals for just $60. Only three were sold in a whole day.

Things are seldom straightforward with the subversive street artist and the website posting may be a ploy or even an artistic statement in itself. Either that or the heat really is on for the masked man with the aerosol can.