35 HELPFUL Things Banksy Could've Done Instead of Dismaland

The last thing we need is a boo-hoo-everything-sucks-camp.

Banksy unveiled his "theme park" named Dismaland this week. It features disappointing rides and attractions such as a contorted Ariel trying to use the Internet and a a scene depicting paparazzi at the death of Cinderella (made to look like Princess Diana).

Very engaging and thought-provoking until you realize: if Banksy has the money to make an entire theme park, WHY NOT JUST USE IT TO HELP PEOPLE!?

So here are just a few things Banksy could've done with his time/money/influence instead of burning cash on a boo-hoo-the-world-sucks camp.

Matthew Horwood via Getty Images

1. Give money to starving kids.

2. Brothers Big Sisters

3. Donate time to hurricane relief.

4. Become a community organizer.

5. Write a letter to his representative urging for reform.

6. Fund a school in Africa.

7. Make a video encouraging the youth to be positive and engaged.

Matthew Horwood via Getty Images

8. Start a PAC committed to changing income inequality.

9. Organize a concert and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross.

10. Call George Clooney and just tag along to whatever he's doing.

11. Edible Arrangements

12. Meals on Wheels

13. Give somebody a lift to the airport.

14. Help somebody move.

Matthew Horwood via Getty Images

8. Tell anybody they look healthy.

9. Look in the mirror and say, "Today will be great."

10. Make somebody an ice cream sundae with hot fudge.

11. Give a stranger a thumbs up and a warm smile.

12. Help a friend get a job.

13. Call your mother back.

14. Comment "good work!" on a YouTube video.

Matthew Horwood via Getty Images

15. Say, "I've never thought of it that way!" during an argument.

16. Write "Happy B-Day!" on somebody's wall.

17. Cook a pasta dish for literally anybody.

18. Show up to an improv show.

19. Kickstarter

20. Puff, puff, PASS <--- important part

Matthew Horwood via Getty Images

29. Stay in bed and don't build a snarky theme park.

30. Don't be a such a MASSIVE bummer all the time.

31. I don't know, maybe f**k off?

32. Retweet

33. Shut up

34. Don't

35. Gah

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