This Is (Maybe) A Trailer For The New Banksy Documentary 'Better Out Than In'

Is This A Trailer For The New Banksy Documentary?

Mysterious street artist Banksy has released what is rumored to be a trailer for a new documentary about his month-long residency in New York City last fall.

On Wednesday, a 3-minute clip titled "Better Out Than In -- The Movie" was posted on the artist's YouTube page.

The video's launch came just days after Banksy's official website was updated with a screenshot of the clip under a new section entitled "Films." (The screenshot has since been replaced with the YouTube video itself.)

Knowing Banksy, whose enigmatic antics can't always be taken at face value, it's possible that the short clip is not a trailer at all, but a trick, a part of a larger artistic project and/or a complete short film.

As one Redditor points out, the newly-uploaded video is almost identical to one posted on YouTube last month by the Webby Awards (Banksy took home the honor of Webby Person of the Year), except the artist's name is pronounced incorrectly in the more recent version.

If the clip is indeed a teaser for a feature documentary, Banksy fans will likely be thrilled at the chance to take a closer look at the graffiti artist's celebrated street art takeover of New York City. The 31-day exhibition, dubbed "Better Out Than In," saw the artist tagging spots around the city and posting images of his work on Instagram.

Banksy has directed at least two films in the past. His 2011 film (and potential prank) "Exit Through The Gift Shop" won critical acclaim, including an Oscar nod for best documentary feature. He also directed the 2011 TV documentary special "The Antics Roadshow."

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