Banksy Billboard On Sunset Boulevard Removed

WATCH: Banksy's Sunset Boulevard Billboard Removed

Banksy has been popping up all over Los Angeles this week. From a stencil of a boy soldier (armed with crayons) in Westwood to a mischievous Charlie Brown, Banksy seemed to be reveling in childhood nostalgia. But while these two pieces (located in an alley and on an abandoned building) are still standing, his third mural was quickly torn down.

The third piece, on a prominent Sunset Boulevard billboard, depicted a strung-out Mickey and Minnie Mouse partying with the advertisement's model. YouTube user flashmobsandiego, who posted footage of the sign being taken down, says "Someone, somewhere is gonna make a looooot of money off that piece of 'trash' as they called it. I feel privileged to have had a Banksy mural outside my window for 2 days."

Here's a video of the billboard in all its Banksy glory, before it was taken down yesterday.

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