Banned Books Week: 10 'Flashlight Worthy' Books People Most Want Banned (PHOTOS)

Banned Books Week
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My website, Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations -- a website of 396 original lists of book recommendations -- is proud to support the 29th Annual Banned Books Week by bringing you this list of the 10 most "challenged" books of 2009.

What does "challenged" mean? It means someone requested the book be removed from their public library because of its "offensive" nature. As if, in this age of hot and cold running internet porn, a child would go to a library and check out a book to be titillated.

Fortunately, thanks to the hard work of librarians, teachers, parents, students and the American Library Association, most challenges go nowhere; if anything, they create more attention for the books in question.

So, stick it to the prudes. Take a look at the 10 books below and make an effort to read as many as you can. And when you're done with those, the absurdity continues with the 10 Most "Challenged" Books of 2008 and the 10 Most "Challenged" Books of 2007.

"ttyl" by Lauren Myracle

Banned Books

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