Baby Panda's First Snow Storm Will Make All That Cold Worth It

Bao Bao, the National Zoo's adorable panda cub, is like any other youngster. She loves to climb trees. She likes to roll down lil' hills. And she's totally into panda selfies.

But until Tuesday's snow storm hit the D.C. area, the 16-month-old cub had never known the joy of snow. The zoo posted this video of the precocious little one romping around with her mother, Mei Xiang, and rolling down a hill earlier today. All we can say is that if this is what the week's cold snap brings, we're all for it. Happy snow day, Bao Bao!

Giant pandas are an endangered species, and a limited number still live in the wild. To learn more, visit the World Wildlife Fund.

Panda Overload!

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