How To Talk About Yourself Without Apologizing For It

Not sorry.

One of life's greatest lessons is learning the art of self-love. Today's assignment? Not saying "sorry" for being you.

In the Baopu illustration below published by Autostraddle, artist Yao Xiao offers a little reminder that there's no reason to apologize for simply existing. Sure, when a situation calls for forgiveness, you should seek it. But apologizing to someone for leaning on them, or communicating your needs to them, or sharing your feelings with them? Nope. That requires a different expression: "Thank you."

It's some powerful food for thought. Flipping the narrative could boost your well-being. Research shows self-acceptance is crucial to a happier life, but it's something people rarely practice. Expressing thankfulness for someone's kindness rather than taking a critical viewpoint of yourself for being a "burden" is a good place to start.

Take a look at Xiao's comic, which perfectly sums up the difference between apologizing for who you are and thanking your friends for who they are. Sorry, not sorry.

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