Preacher Gives Shockingly Repulsive Sermon: ‘Orlando Is A Little Safer’

Absolutely disgusting.

A Sacramento Baptist preacher is praising the shooting at LGBT nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida, that left 49 victims dead and at least 53 injured. 

Pastor Roger Jimenez, who preaches at the Verity Baptist Church, spewed a hate-filled sermon Sunday after the early-morning shooting that targeted the LGBT venue on Latin night. 

“Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?” Jimenez said in a sermon, uploaded to the Verity Baptist Church YouTube account. “Um no, I think that’s great! I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida, is a little safer tonight.”

"As Christians, should we be mourning the death of these 50 vile, perverted predators?" he added. 

He apparently wanted to instruct parishioners on the "Biblical response" to the massacre. 

“All I’m saying is that when people die who deserve to die, it’s not a tragedy,” he said to reports outside his home Tuesday, per the Sacramento Bee. “There’s no tragedy. I wish the government would round them all up, put them up against a firing wall, put a firing squad in front of them, and blow their brains out.”

Protestors pushed back by picketing outside the church against Jimenez's rhetoric Wednesday while he was giving his first sermon since Sunday. 

"We won't stand up for this in our community," one protestor told Fox40. 

Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson also spoke out against him. 



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