Baptiste Debombourg Creates An Incredible Mural Out Of 450,000 Staples

Stunning Mural Made Out Of 450,000 Staples

Staples, the miniscule invention that many associate with the drudgery of the office, but for one artist, they are just another tool of the trade. Baptiste Debombourg used staples to create a stunningly intricate mural at the Karlin Studio in Prague.

As an homage to the technique of engraving, Debombourg used 450,000 staples in his site-specific work, choosing his materials based solely on where the piece will be exhibited. "My sculptural work is generally part of a contextual approach, and I operate in a space with materials chosen specially for it," the French artist says on his website.

Baptiste Debombourg, Aggravure III, staples installation on the wall, 4x11m, 2011, Courtesy Galerie Patricia Dorfmann-Paris

The subject matter for "Aggravure III" revolves around collapse and deconstruction -- a frequent theme in Debombourg's source material, where classic paintings tell the stories of mythological heroes. The artist writes, "Here the staple is a material and a media that plays with contemporary aggression, with everyday life’s secular usefulness." Debombourg even goes so far as to claim that the male-centered mythological and religious themes are present today in our cult of the superhero and bodybuilder.

View a slideshow of "Aggravure III" below.

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