Bar Refaeli Fan Might Just Be The Most Adorable Fanboy Ever (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: This Bar Refaeli Fanboy Is Insanely Adorable

Bar Refaeli hasn't let fame go to her head. Want proof? She's still as nice as ever to her adoring fans.

One fanboy in particular had arguably the best day of his life last month when he got to meet the supermodel face-to-face. He had posted a note to his Instagram account, tagging Refaeli and claiming, "I have 500 pictures of you on my wall in my room... It's my dream to see you." He told her he was standing outside the building where she was working.

The best part? Bar actually responded via Instagram, asking if he was still outside her door (you can read her comment if you're up on your Hebrew). The resultant photo Refaeli posted is pretty priceless: Bar snuggles up to the nervously smiling fanboy wearing his "I ❤️ Bar Refaeli" t-shirt.

Icing on the cake? She captioned the shot, "I ❤️you too."

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You can see why she's so popular:

May 2006

Bar Rafaeli's Style Evolution

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