Bar Refaeli Tweets About 'Shaky And Hungry' Teen Models

Update: ONE Management contacted the Huffington Post, writing, "Ms. Refaeli does not have Twitter or Tumbler account. These statements are made by imposters."

Previously: Model and Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Bar Refaeli has taken to Twitter to post her thoughts on body image. Although her account isn't "verified," we're reasonably sure it does indeed belong to the Israeli beauty since it's linked to from her official Tumblr. So what did Bar have to say? Some candid thoughts before Fashion Week...

From Monday:

I get so sad when I see 15 year old pale extremely skinny models at the agency looking all shaky and hungry... When will it end?!?!

From August 29:

Seriously... Plastic surgery is not helping your impact on young women or your looks!

Some people are addicted to drugs and others addicted to alcohol. Me? I'm addicted to pomegranate juice