Bar Refaeli's GoDaddy Commercial Stirs Major Buzz; Who Else Has The Stunner Smooched With?

Is Geeky Her Type?

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli definitely turned more than a few heads last night, and not for the usual reasons. The bombshell locked lips with nerdy serial-extra Jesse Heiman for a GoDaddy commercial, and the Internet went wild. Reactions ranged anywhere from "genius" to "gross," with people saying the unlikely pair made them feel uncomfortable.

Unlikely? Hmm. That made us wonder ... Who has Bar dated aside from her famous four year romance with Leonardo DiCaprio? Is her type more of the sultry dreamboat a-la DiCaprio, or the sheepish nerd she made out with last night?

David Charvet

bar refaeli godaddy commercial

Brooke Burke-Charvet's dashing husband and former "Baywatch" and "Melrose Place" actor dated Refaeli in 2004.

Kelly Slater

bar refaeli godaddy commercial

World champion surfer Kelly Slater reportedly dated Refaeli in 2007 and even got in an alleged scuffle with Israeli paparazzi when he visited her homeland with her.

Chace Crawford

bar refaeli godaddy commercial

The "Gossip Girl" hunk and the Sports Illustrated model dated for a few months back in 2009.

Shaun White

bar refaeli godaddy commercial

Refaeli was rumored to be dating snowboarder Shaun White just last summer, and even accompanied him to some of the Olympic events in London.

In between, Refaeli has, of course, dated Leo (and their ongoing relationship and one gold ring even sparked engagement rumors two years back) and a couple other Israeli businessmen -- David Fisher, Teddi Sagi and most recently, according to Israeli media outlets, Adi Ezra.

Pretty safe to say Heiman is the odd man out, huh...

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