Obama, never say you support gay and lesbian rights again. You do not. You condone them being bashed, being legislated against. Words are not enough, Obama. Either you're with us, or you're not.
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If I hear one more pundit say that the choice of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the most historic inaugural of a lifetime sends a message of inclusion I will explode. None of them seem to get it, including Barack Obama. The don't have a Klue.

And yes, I'm spelling "Klue" that way on purpose. When I heard of the choice and the subsequent defense of it, my first response was, well, Mr. Obama, many in the country felt a Black shouldn't be in office. They still feel that way. Where are their views? The views that Whites are better than anyone else? Where is David Duke? Truly, where is he? There are more racists in America than gays; that doesn't need a poll, it simply is a fact. And where are their views?

What about those that feel Obama and his like do nothing but pander to Jews, and the cabal of corrupt Jews who run our government in order to protect Israel? Millions of people feel that way, trust me, and where are their views?

The fact is Rick Warren spits on our Constitutions, both of them, the Constitution of the State of California and the United States. He spits on the question of Equal Protection under the law and calls it "faith" or "morals" and he tries to inflict, successfully, so far, those morals on a people by voting his religious views in to law, which directly violates the Constitution, again.

Rick Warren lied about Proposition 8 in California. He lied to those of faith and told them they would have to accept gays, have to marry them, on and on. Lies, all lies. And Friday, another lie brought forth as those that support Proposition 8 file a lawsuit to nullify the marriages of those loving couples that married in California during the summer of legal love as I call it. They said they would not. They are. Liars.

Rick Warren does not like or support gays or lesbians. He likens their unions to those of animals or pedophiles. He says a woman getting an abortion is like a Nazi killing a Jew. I don't care what he says out of one side of his mouth. If you like someone, you don't say that them getting married is like two dogs screwing or a 30 year old having sex with a six year old. Those are fighting words, not loving, caring, ministerial words.

This man is wrong for America and wrong for religion.

Change would have been letting the preachers that get it right have a voice. Those of faith that know whether they agree with these issues or not they are not for the legislature or the Constitution. People who don't condemn and divide, but unite through love and compassion; who would never legislate their beliefs. That would be change. Change would be silencing the hateful speech of those like Rick Warren and replacing it with true love and joy and inclusion. If Warren said on TV in Canada what he said in the United States he could be prosecuted for a hate crime. That's a fact.

No, if you want inclusion, either include all of America, the UGLY part or leave Rick Warren out. He is part of the Ugly part. He is the same as a member of the Klan. He burns his opponents politically, socially, financially. He does slash and burn campaigns through funding lies, downright lies, and focuses the resources of his tax free mega church on those that need protection under the law from people just like him. He ministers to a White, racist classist ministry (I've been in the church, I know of what I speak, and lived in Orange County, CA for 10 years), is filthy rich, has a church that is an abomination to God (did he not destroy the temple and throw out the money changers?) and should fade in to the last century like all relics. I don't care what book he wrote. As far as I'm concerned, he's a hate monger of the worst kind...the kind with a slick smile and caring glance. They're the worst. Slit your throat every time, and he's trying to kill all gays and lesbian relationships in the California and the Country and crawl inside a woman's woman and put a lock on her uterus until HE says it's OK.

And his reward is be rewarded by the President of the United States?

Barack, you don't have a Klue. And you really blew it. This is not inclusion, this is bashing a minority easily bashed, who will provide you no political fallout because there simply aren't enough of us.

But Obama, NEVER say you support gay and lesbian rights again. You do not. You condone them being bashed, being legislated against. Words are not enough, Obama. Either you're with us, or you're not.

And it's clear, you only are when it helps you. Like every other politician.

So much for change.

Barack, either we get a speaker on why Blacks should not be able to marry whites, either we get a speaker on why Hispanics are destroying our nation by Illegal Immigration (Lou Dobbs would do) or cancel Mr. Warren.

Just because he says he's doing it in the name of God doesn't mean he is. Even the Bible said that Demons will take all forms, and even will even appear as benevolent and just.

Rick Warren is not uneducated, so I can only assume he is, in fact, a bigot who hides it in the name of the Lord. And when he's found with a hooker and drugs or in some bathroom stall everywhere and every acts shocked and then he shepherds himself off to rehab and makes a documentary, don't be surprised. Methinks the lady doth protests too much, methinks, as Shakespeare once said. Not that I have any firsthand knowledge, but we never do until it's over anyway, do we.

In either event, Rick Warren is what's WRONG with America, not what's right. There are plenty of other ministers out there that get it, that know their god is love, not hate, and that their god didn't make mistakes and thus gays and lesbians deserve all the same benefits under the law; or they are at least smart enough to know that even if their god disapproves, they disapprove in their church and not at City Hall, the State House or the White House and their bible when it comes to America is the Constitution of the United States and not a King James version of anything.

Barack, get a Klue.

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