Obama Shut Down Anthony Scaramucci In The Most Presidential Way Possible

The audience cheered Obama's reply during a 2010 Q&A session.

Anthony Scaramucci, the new communications director of President Donald Trump’s White House, once went head-to-head with President Barack Obama during a televised event on CNBC. And it didn’t go well for Scaramucci, who at the time was a hedge fund manager.

“I represent the Wall Street community, we have felt like a piñata,” Scaramucci said during the 2010 Q&A session, adding that investors felt like they’d been “whacked with a stick.”

“I certainly think that Main Street and Wall Street are connected,” Scaramucci said. “And if we’re going to heal the society and make the economy better, how are we going to work towards that, healing Wall Street and Main Street?”

“I have been amused over the last couple of years, this sense of somehow me beating up on Wall Street,” Obama replied. “I think most people on Main Street feel they got beat up on.”

The audience cheered. Scaramucci tried to interject, but Obama held him off.

“There’s a big chunk of the country that thinks that I have been too soft on Wall Street,” Obama added to more cheers. “That’s probably the majority, not the minority.”

Check it out in the clips above.

Obama /Trump Inauguration Crowds