Barack Obama Introduced As 'Former Chicago Resident' In Michael Jordan Documentary

"The Last Dance" premiered on ESPN and viewers noticed the cheeky way it designated the former president.

The Michael Jordan-Chicago Bulls documentary “The Last Dance” premiered on ESPN Sunday, giving a sports-starved nation a bit of cheek.

The series interviewed former President Barack Obama, and an on-screen graphic referred to him simply as “former Chicago resident.”

Director Jason Hehir explained previously to The Athletic that the 10-part documentary’s subject titles were meant to emphasize specific connections to the players.

Thus, Obama, who rose through the political ranks in Chicago while Jordan was a Bulls star, was given his less-decorated designation (as was former President Bill Clinton, who was called “former Arkansas governor” because he discussed ex-Bull Scottie Pippen’s days at the University of Central Arkansas.)

People on Twitter got a kick out of it.

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