Obama Is 'Gay President,' Should 'Come Out Of The Closet,' Says Dave Daubenmire

President Barack Obama's historic embrace of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights has prompted many critics to come forward.

But one right-wing source is going even further, implying in a bizarre rant that Obama himself is gay and should "come out of the closet," Right Wing Watch is reporting.

In a News With Views broadcast, "Coach" Dave Daubenmire asks, "How about he come out and admit he's the first openly gay president or, better yet, openly bisexual president?"

He goes on to note that Obama's "face seems to really light up when he begins to talk about the gay agenda."

It isn't the first time the president has been slapped with allegations he is secretly gay. Gossip columnist turned Tea Party author Jerome Corsi made similar claims about Obama last fall, alleging that the president was actively involved in Chicago's gay bar and bathhouse scene.

"Obama used to go to the gay bars during the week, most often on Wednesday, and they said he was very much into older white guys," Corsi said at the time.

Daubenmire has lashed out at Obama in the last. In a Nov. 1 Op-Ed published days before the U.S. presidential election, he referred to the president as "political toast" who was "going to be thrown out on his nose."



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