Barack Obama Takes A Not-So-Subtle Swipe At Donald Trump's Coronavirus Response

The former president highlighted the lack of a "coherent national plan" to address the pandemic in a thinly veiled dig at his successor.

Former President Barack Obama joined the chorus of criticism being leveled at President Donald Trump for his administration’s slow and sloppy response to the coronavirus crisis, commenting on Twitter about the lack of “a coherent national plan to navigate this pandemic.”

Obama did not mention Trump by name in his tweet on Wednesday, pointing out how “states like Massachusetts are beginning to adopt their own public health plans to combat this virus –– before it’s too late.”

But for many tweeters, it was crystal clear who Obama was talking about:

For weeks, Trump and his administration (buoyed by Fox News prime-time personalities Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham) downplayed the threat of the contagion that has killed more than 47,000 people nationwide. The U.S. is now the epicenter of the virus, with almost 850,000 confirmed cases.

Trump has used his daily coronavirus briefings to hype unproven cures and attack journalists, while also trying to shift blame for his failures to the Obama administration.

Obama last month criticized Trump’s pandemic response with the tweet below, urging voters to “demand better of our government.”

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