Jerome Corsi, Tea Party Activist, Claims Obama May Be Gay And Previously Married To A Man

'Gay' Obama May Have Been Married To A Man, Tea Party Activist Claims

In what may be the most eyebrow-raising reaction to President Obama's controversial pro-gay marriage stance to date, a right wing Tea Party author and conspiracy theorist is claiming that Obama himself might be secretly gay or bisexual.

"This is something I've accumulated a great deal of evidence on -- the evidence, I think, is very strong," Jerome Corsi states in a new video. "The question is not to condemn Obama here for being bisexual or gay, if that's in fact what he is, but to wonder why he's gone to the extent of hiding it...what's the duplicity? What's the hypocrisy?"

Corsi, who is also the author of "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality," claims in the video that Obama was seen wearing a wedding band in photographs that were taken years before marrying his wife Michelle. "He's not married as far as we know, unless of course this is a love affair with his Pakistani male roommate," Corsi notes.

Saying that Obama's life contains "lies, mysteries" and other "disinformation," Corsi states, "Obama had all these roommate pictures [where he] seems to be sitting about on the guy’s lap. I’ve not seen a lot of roommate pictures where two guys are that chummy!" He then asks, "Was he married to a guy, I mean, what’s the deal?"

Corsi also penned an extensive blog on the so-called "wedding ring mystery" on his website, 1776 Nation.

Earlier this year, Corsi gave a presentation to a New Jersey GOP group in which he reportedly used Adobe Illustrator software to separate the layers of Obama's birth certificate in an effort to reveal inconsistencies and revive the so-called "birther" theory.

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