Barack Obama Makes Billboard Hot R&B Songs Chart Debut

The former president made his star turn on a "Hamilton" remix.

And new at No. 22 on this week’s Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart is Barack Obama.

The former president made his debut on the chart with his performance, alongside Christopher Jackson and gospel singer BeBe Winans, on the remixed version of “Hamilton” showstopper “One Last Time.”

Check out “One Last Time (44 Remix)” here:

The track on which Obama recites a passage from George Washington’s 1796 farewell address sold 9,000 downloads and had 307,000 online streams in the first week following its Dec. 20 release, per The Hollywood Reporter. 

Ella Mai’s “Trip” took the top spot on the Jan. 5 chart for the 13th week in a row. Queen Naija’s “Butterflies” was one place above the “Hamilton” remix at 21, while John Legend and Esperanza Spalding took 23rd spot with their reworking of festive classic “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

The Obama-featuring track is the latest from “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s #Hamildrop series, for which he has recruited stars to rework tunes from his hit Broadway musical to raise money for charity.

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