Barack Obama Thinks People Are Looking Forward To 1 Particular Thing In The Joe Biden Era

Obama slammed Donald Trump's coronavirus failures and got "crushed" by Stephen Colbert in a game of wastepaper basketball on "The Late Show."

Former President Barack Obama predicted Joe Biden’s presidency will provide welcome relief to many Americans from the chaos of the Donald Trump era.

In a socially distanced interview that aired on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Late Show,” Obama told host Stephen Colbert he believes people are “exhausted by just this world wrestling federation constant cage match” of the Trump administration and now “just want to feel as if a day passes without it being dominated by something crazy coming out of the White House.”

Under Biden, the United States has “the potential of returning to a presidency that is actually paying attention and try to do right by all people and not just some,” he said.

Obama also slammed the “shambolic nature” of Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, noting “it would have been good politics” to handle the crisis well.

He said the outgoing president “exceeded” his fears and explained why he ran for president, even though former first lady Michelle Obama didn’t want him to do it. Then he got “crushed” by Colbert in a game of wastepaper basketball.

“I’ve lost my swag on Stephen Colbert,” joked Obama after his defeat.

Check out the first part of the interview here:

The second segment here:

And Colbert’s wastepaper basketball victory over Obama here:

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