Barack Obama Not A Fan Of The Kardashians, Michelle Says

Barack Obama Not A Fan Of The Kardashians

He may have his finger on the pulse of crises around the world, but Barack Obama has no interest in keeping up with the Kardashians.

Which is probably a very good thing.

Speaking at a roundtable interview with, First Lady Michelle Obama was asked about her children's television viewing habits. She doesn't allow TV or computer screens during the week unless it's for school, but she and the girls do like to get in some tube time over the weekends. The Kardashians' flagship show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," just so happens to run on Sunday night, which doesn't exactly thrill the first dad.

"Barack really thinks some of the Kardashian - when they watch that stuff - he doesn't like that as much," she said, "but I sort of feel like if we're talking about it, and I'm more concerned with how they take it in - what did you learn when you watched that. And if they're learning the right lessons, like, that was crazy, then I'm like, okay."

So, Malia and Sasha watch the Kardashians as a precautionary lesson. Makes sense, and assures us that Kim wasn't on a political mission while visiting the Middle East. The whole thing does, however, make us curious as to how the President felt when he had to welcome Khloe and Lamar to the White House in 2010 when he greeted the then-NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers.

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