Here's Every Adorable Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg SOTU Embrace Through The Years

RBG loves to H-U-G.

Before Tuesday's State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama took part in what could be the best tradition of his presidency -- a nice warm hug from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This moment has occurred at every State of the Union since 2009. Take a look at all those precious moments:

Feb. 24, 2009
CHRIS KLEPONIS via Getty Images
Jan. 27, 2010
The Washington Post via Getty Images
Jan. 25, 2011
AFP via Getty Images
Jan. 24, 2012
Pool via Getty Images
Feb. 12, 2013
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images
Jan. 28, 2014
Tom Williams via Getty Images
Jan. 20, 2015
Pool via Getty Images
Jan. 12, 2016
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

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