Obama Draws Excited Crowds Ordering Tacos In Miami While Campaigning In Florida

When Obama comes to your neighborhood to order tacos, it's a big deal.

Former President Barack Obama stopped at a restaurant to order tacos while on the campaign trail in Florida. Unsurprisingly, he drew large crowds of enthusiastic supporters.

Obama was greeted with shouts of excitement as he entered restaurant Coyo Taco at its location in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, The Miami Herald reported.

“I want everybody to vote!” Obama shouted, according to the Herald.

Obama visited Miami to campaign for the state’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Andrew Gillum, and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. Both candidates joined the former president to order tacos after the rally.

The staff at Coyo Taco expressed their excitement over Obama’s visit in an Instagram post.

The caption for the post explained that Obama told the restaurant staff he was proud of their work. “This group of immigrants will always love you!!” the restaurant added.

A larger crowd apparently formed outside the restaurant as word got out that Obama, Gillum and Nelson were there, the Herald reported.

In another video shared on Twitter by CNN’s Daniella Diaz, Obama can be heard jokingly asking: “Alright guys, where’s my taco?”

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