Barack Obama Throws Up The U: Tweets, Quips, And Twitpics From Miami Visit

As if Miami didn't have enough going on with Linsanity meeting the Heat and the South Beach Wine and Food Festival underway, we also had the President of the United States making a speech at the University of Miami and kicking back at two fundraisers in Coral Gables and Pinecrest.

In the old days, he told the crowd, he'd have stayed to watch the Heat-Knicks rivalry's latest wrinkle (Heat games, it appears, are more for the post-presidential agenda).

But despite choosing fundraising over LeBron, Obama played one thing as well as possible in largely conservative Miami-Dade County, where he was met by several protestors: he threw up the U, a salute Hurricanes fans aren't soon to forget.

Check out tweets, quips, and twitpics from Obama's stop in Miami:

Students Listening To Obama