Obama: Elect More Women 'Because Men Seem To Be Having Some Problems These Days'

It's time to put women in charge, the former U.S. president says.

Barack Obama said he believes more future leaders should be women.

The former U.S. president was in Paris over the weekend, speaking to a group of media leaders, financiers and academics known as Les Napoleons. During the speech, he announced that it was time to put more women in power “because men seem to be having some problems these days,” AFP reported.

Although Obama didn’t name names, he was clearly referring to the growing number of men in media, politics and entertainment who’ve recently been accused of sexual misconduct, including harassment and assault.

“Not to generalize but women seem to have a better capacity than men do, partly because of their socialization,” Obama said.

He also took a swipe at President Donald Trump’s administration, saying that there was a “temporary absence of American leadership” on climate change. Earlier this year, Trump announced he was pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accord.

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