Barack Obama's Achilles Heel Rears Its Ugly Head. Again.

Barack Obama's Achilles Heel Rears Its Ugly Head. Again.
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What's going to stop Barack Obama from realizing his dream, and his potential?

His old school consultants that play by long dead rules. (Don't forget his primary consultant got Edwards muddled up in the war issue in 2004, and is doing the same thing to Barack now.)

Here's the latest example that despite all the bells and whistles online, that Barack may have the clothes, but the Emperor has no soul.

An unpaid volunteer is the person behind Barack's remarkable number of MySpace friends - but he wasn't working for the campaign, and they wanted to control Barack's MySpace page - not a completely unreasonable thing of course.

However, instead of working with Joe Anthony and compensating him fairly for his time, they went through MySpace and stole his work from him.

How does that feel Barack? Is that how you're planning on treating people?

Of course, it's not Barack himself - it's his consultants who are taking control of his campaign. Why? Because control is money and they want the money for themselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jerome Armstrong at MYDD has done a great review of this story, but here's my summary.

A young man believes in Barack Obama and builds the MySpace political success story of the year.

And Barack steals his work. (Your name is on the door Barack.)

In summary,

DC Consultants convinced Gore not to talk about the environment, they made tens of millions, he, and America lost.

DC Consultants convinced John Kerry not to fight back until it was too late, they made tens of millions, he and America lost.

Barack's going to lose too.

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