Barack Obama's Worst Moment: Is There Kryptonite in His Horoscope?

There has to be some cosmic reason to explain the mass defections, the loss of Democrat support in Congress, and especially the crumbling of confidence and the bizarre affect the president has been showing these days. It's been downhill ever since that horribly embarrassing "I'm-tired-of- defending-you- Mr Obama" moment still up on You Tube when the president, instead of answering the lady's question, flashed a smile more comically ghoulish than anything ever seen on the Munsters.

And what about the Rhode Island incident? For a gubernatorial candidate to tell the leader of the free world to "Shove it!" Holy moly, what is happening? Have Lex Luthor and the Spider Lady sneaked into the party without credentials and dropped a load of Kryptonite in the White House?

One answer is cosmic, all right, but it's more about the Moon than a fictional planet. At this moment a pesky planetoid/asteroid/comet-like little body happens to be moving across the Moon's South Node smack in the middle of the first house of our Fearless Leader's horoscope. This is a humbling configuration-a devastatingly weakening moment in anybody's life when the knees all but buckle under the blow. It is especially shocking to a person who has spent years sincerely trying to perfect the image of the "good child."The "good child" tries to please everyone, proving that his presence is enough to take care of you, and that he will be there to catch you with a single bound, even if you are falling from a tall building.

The "good child " has been raised by either narcissistic or overburdened parents, whose problems are so overwhelming that the "good child" has to hide any weakness to protect his parents. Obviously this will fill any normal person with a grandiose notion of his or her powers, not to mention the crushing, depressing burden of hiding all personal desires and wishes , and the strain of keeping up the image of being all things to all people everywhere, all the time. The "good child" takes on too much responsibility and pretends to be a super hero until....until...

Chiron passes across the path of the Moon at a critical moment. Then the image cracks, the whole act flounders, and the individual finds himself naked on the stage, exposed, as the entire persona disintegrates.

Of course Conservatives, Republicans, critics, and enemies all love this, "It's all HIS fault!" they cry. "See what you idiots have elected? Do you see how he is leading us all to the oblivion and ruin? And on top of it, he's got ADD!! He can't even sit behind a desk for five minutes before running off to some other state or country to stick his nose in everybody else's business!"

But that is just what the "good child" has to do. He cannot rest, mainly because he is too busy flying around making like Superman, scooping the Jimmy Olsens, Lois Lanes ad Perry Whites of the world from the clutches of villainous dogs.

For President Obama this image has cracked forever, and although political enemies are already tasting the Caped Crusader's blood, this moment can actually turn out to be the greatest healing of Barack Obama's life.

His false projection of himself has collapsed. It's over. Now, instead of flashing a scary smile at loyal, disappointed followers or defensively fending off attacks by critics with vacuous, Orwellian platitudes, the humanity needs to emerge. We need to feel sincerity, warmth, and the one vital thing he has failed to make with those who voted for him as well as with those who did not-an honest, human, responsive connection. Therein lies the healing for him personally and a possible redemption of his floundering Administration.

Forget the Kryptonite.