Barack Smear Ad in SNL Prequel Moments Ago

Something called just ran an ad inside a repeat-from-last-week SNL show.

The ad ran about 10:50 pm EST, I believe. The resurrects Rev. Jeremiah Wright and footage of him speaking, and then we see and maybe hear words saying Barack Obama, Too Risky and Too Radical for America, or words to that effect. Don't hold me to precise accuracy here as I missed the first few seconds and was not expecting an ad that ran, I suspect, within the EST timezone on NBC.

It was not a local buy in my opinion.

Watch this non-EST folks and see if it runs in the midwest, mountain and PST zones.

But now we also really have to watch to see if Barack could have made an error in going on SNL tonight IF the McCain campaign could have purchased a similar ad inside the true, new SNL tonight upon which Obama will appear in just moments.

They are running a very smart campaign and I presume asked the question ahead of time. But then when Palin ran, I wrote in my previous post on Huff that what also hurt Palin was a buy from Obama of a very powerful add a couple weeks back.

McCain's people could have argued that they must be permitted to buy time tonight to make it equal. If they did, it won't be the same ad I shouldn't think as this as was a 527 or one of the other numbered PAC groups, or so-called "swiftboat ads."

Some of us have been waiting for this shoe to drop. Some shoe and there may be others. Things have been looking too good for Sen. Obama and when things are too good, I get concerned.

I thought they'd run an ad like this right after the debates when Obama couldn't challenge him in person.

I predicted this weeks ago to my students in classes I teach about the election, but then had largely forgotten about it. And now it has happened.

But this is even more strategic as it gives Obama less time to respond, though the Obama campaign can respond very rapidly. The Clinton campaign of 1992 was intercepting off satellite, McCain ads in advance of their running and had rebuttal ads already to go the minutes the Bush Sr ads ran.

So the turn around time is very, very fast now and someone could well have leaked and warned the Obama campaign as well. We'll see.....